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How does the exhaust valve work?

When there is gas overflow in the system, the gas will climb up the pipe, and eventually gather at the highest point of the system, and the exhaust valve is generally installed at the highest point of the system, when the gas into the exhaust valve cavity gathered in the upper part of the exhaust valve, with the increase of gas in the valve, the pressure rises, when the gas pressure is greater The float drops with the water level and opens the vent; When the gas is drained, the water level rises and the floats rise, shutting down the vents. In the same way, when negative pressure is produced in the system, the water surface in the valve cavity drops, the vent opens, because at this time the external atmospheric pressure is greater than the system pressure, so the atmosphere will enter the system through the exhaust port to prevent the harm of negative pressure. If the valve cap on the valve body of the exhaust valve is tightened, the exhaust valve stops venting, and usually the bonnet should be in the open state. Exhaust valve can also be used with the partition valve, easy to repair the exhaust valve.



1. The buoy of the exhaust valve is made of low density PPR and composite material, which will not deform even if it is immersed in high temperature water for a long time. It will not make the float difficult to move.

2. The lever of the buoy is made of rigid plastic, and the connection between the lever and the buoy and the support is made of movable connection. Therefore, corrosion will not occur during long-term operation, which will result in water leakage when the system can not work.

3. The seal end part of the lever is supported by spring, which can expand and contract with the movement of the lever to ensure the sealing without exhaust.

Installation: When the exhaust valve is installed, it is better to install it with the partition valve, so that when the exhaust valve needs to be removed for repair, it can ensure that the system is sealed and water does not flow out. Low density P P material, even if it is soaked in high temperature water for a long time, will not produce deformation.

Operation method

When the pipe begins to fill with water, the plug stays in the open position and carries out a large amount of exhaust. When the air is exhausted, the water accumulates in the valve, the float ball floats, the transmission plug moves to the closed position and stops a large amount of exhaust. When the water in the pipe is conveyed normally, if a small amount of air gathers in the valve to a considerable extent, the water level in the valve drops and the float ball drops, then the air is discharged from the orifice, when the pump is in operation. Stop. When the water flow in the pipe is empty or negative pressure is generated in the pipe, the plug opens quickly and inhales air to ensure the pipeline is complete.


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